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Entrepreneurship runs deep. When one is raised by a person who entrepreneurially minded, they are forever altered in how they view the world. Dr. Kristen Donnelly is a product of just such a situation. Listen as she shares about her family’s company, Abby Companies and the branch she launched called Abbey Research. 


Dr. Kristen’s dad started a business working in various colors. They manufacture the stains used to diagnose certain kinds of cancer, various ophthalmological stains, and more. Even though she grew up in an entrepreneurial household however, she never realized that she too had similar aspirations.


She went to school and obtained higher and higher levels of education, but eventually realized that academia was not for her. What she learned in academia however, was that she loved helping people think more critically about themselves and their goals and dreams. 


Now she runs Abbey Research, a company dedicated to helping people “human” better. Something the world definitely needs right now!


Listen as she shares about her story and how Abbey Research came to be. She also shares her top three tips for new and aspiring entrepreneurs and why she believes finding your calling is one of the most important things you’ll ever do in life. 


Dr. Kristen shares so many insightful nuggets, it’s no wonder she’s a three-time TEDx speaker!


In this Episode: 

[00:58] Welcome Dr. Kristen Donnelly to the show.

[03:00] What do they do at Abbey Companies? 

[04:30] Learn more about Abbey Research and their mission. 

[06:06] The four methods they use to help you become a better human. 

[06:58] Who do they serve? 

[09:26] During the lockdowns Kristen realized how tired everyone is of pretending they know what they’re doing. 

[10:42] What made Kristen want to be an entrepreneur? 

[13:10] Kristen is an entrepreneur within an established business which is an interesting path to maneuver.

[14:38] Listen as Kristen shares three tips to new and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

[17:33] You cannot measure your impact. Keep doing what you’re called to.

[18:52] How can someone discover their calling? 

[20:56] What does it mean to “create wealth” in Kristen’s family? 

[23:31] Kristen answers her three random questions for the day. 

[26:23] What’s the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for her and vice versa? 

[27:20] Connect with Kristen.